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Highlands Group Team

Over the years we have been very fortunate to both study and pursue network effects in our Highlands Group activities. We have had original papers written for us by writers like Robert Axelrod, Nassim Nichloas Taleb, and Hal Varian and Carl Shapiro. Many of the wonderful people in our networks have opened their networks to us, allowing us to draw from an ever expanding array of remarkable people. We are grateful to people such as Peter Schwartz of Global Business Network; Paul Saffo of the Institute for the Future; Esther Dyson of EDVenture Holdings; Andrew Marshall of the Department of Defense; George Poste of the BioDesign Institute; Judy Estrin of Packet Design; Arnaud de Borchgrave of the Center for Strategic and International Studies; and so many others.

Analysis and Logistics Staff

Our in-house staff stretches from Washington, DC, to Carmel, California. Chances are that if you are dealing with the Highlands Group you have spoken with, received email from, or met Deborah or Julie. They run the business and the Forums.

Deborah O'Neill, the leader of the band. In addition to overseeing the day-to-day management of the Group, she supervises the activities of all the included fora in our portfolio: she plans all logistics, coordinates the recording of all the Highlands Group and Forum meetings, and is always the hostess for our guests. In addition to spending years in medical research and helping to establish the first HIV community program for Hawaii, she directed the HIV protocol research for the National Naval Medical Medical Center; and directed the health programs for Potomac Electric Power Company and Swarovski Manufacturing.

Julie Caverly is the Highlands Group Chief Financial Officer, videographer for our fora, and assists Deborah in the planning and execution of Forum meetings. A CPA, Julie formerly worked for the Bank of America in California.

Carol Wallyn (along with her husband Bob) served as the host of the very first Highlands Forum meeting at their oceanside home in Carmel Highlands, California (hence the name of the company and the Forum---Highlands) in 1995 and many meetings since. Besides having her PhD in Biochemistry, Carol is an accomplished illustrator and creates the graphics for Highlands Group activities.

The Highlands Forum is fortunate to have two extraordinarily talented people supporting it for ten years. Many of you may have met them at Highlands Forum meetings or received emails from them. They add significantly to the quality and value of the Forum and coordinate their work from Seattle, Washington (Thea) to Oslo, Norway (Michele).

Thea Lehming Brandt is our professional photographer, logo creator for all Highlands Forum meetings, and webmaster for the Highlands Forum. If you have logged onto the Highlands Forum website (access controlled) you have seen her exceptional handiwork. A graduate of Gettysburg College, Thea has advanced certifications in web development.

Michele Ledgerwood is the Senior Highlands Forum Analyst. If you have logged onto our website, you have seen the conference summaries and executive summaries which are the result of the notes Michele takes at Highlands Forum sessions along with the research that she does to provide a seamless narrative of the conversations. Michele is a graduate of Harvard and Stanford.

Research Staff

We are also fortunate to have an amazingly talented group of researchers, writers, and facilitators as part of the Highlands family. Clay Shirky, Luma Khatib, Mitch Waldrop, Ben Gross, Gary Santaniello, and Paul Kretkowski have conducted interviews, facilitated conversations, added their own research, and found many of the excellent discussants for our sessions of the Highlands Forum, the Information Engagement Forum, the St. Michaels Forum, and the Singapore Island Forum. Here they are:

Clay Shirky divides his time between consulting, teaching, and writing on the social and economic effects of Internet technologies. His consulting practice is focused on the rise of decentralized technologies such as peer-to-peer, web services, and wireless networks that provide alternatives to the wired client/server infrastructure that characterizes the Web. He teaches at New York University and has a new book in the works--Here Comes Everybody: The Power Of Organizing Without Organizations.

Mitch Waldrop is a journalist and author in fields of science and technology. Author of the best-selling non-fiction book Complexity, he has also written for Science magazine and Chemical & Engineering News. Most recently Mitch was the Media Officer for the National Science Foundation and has started up MMW Communications.

Paul Kretkowski is an analyst, researcher and writer focusing on foreign policy, soft power and other topics. He is the editor of a blog on soft power, the Beacon (http://softpowerbeacon.blogspot.com). He has worked for numerous publications, including The New York Times Magazine, Mother Jones Online, Wired News, American Thunder, the San Francisco Chronicle online (SF Gate) and San Francisco magazine. Paul has also written for the publications of several companies and non-profits.

Luma Khatib until recently was an analyst and executive at Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide. Prior to joining Ogilvy, she completed the LSE-USC Global Media and Communication Master’s program, earning an M.Sc. from the London School of Economics and an M.A. at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication. Her research interests include transnational satellite broadcasting in the Middle East – emphasizing its role in regional development – and U.S. public diplomacy in the region. Luma was a public diplomacy researcher for the Highlands Group in 2005--2006. Prior to her graduate studies, Luma worked at the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer in both its broadcast and online arms.

Ben Gross is a Visiting Scholar, School of Information at the University of California at Berkeley, where he collaborated with the Social Technologies Group and Information Quality Research Group. He was a doctoral student in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where his dissertation focused on how individuals manage complex social lives with multiple online identifiers using email, instant messaging and on mobile devices. This research fits into his broader interest in the tensions between behavior, policy and technical infrastructure. His training is in human-computer interaction, personal information systems, information retrieval and digital libraries. Ben is also an analyst at Ferris Research where he covers email, instant messaging, mobile messaging, virus, spam, phishing control, team workspaces, web conferencing, VOIP, and consumer messaging. He was an Engineering Intern at Google from 2005 to 2006 and worked on identity management for Google Accounts.

Gary Santaniello is a former sportswriter and magazine editor who now teaches and writes freelance articles. His stories on a variety of topics have appeared in the New York Times, Boston Globe, Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, and the Hartford Courant Sunday Magazine. He is an adjunct professor in the Department of Mass Communications at Iona College in New Rochelle, N.Y.

Nick Bauer is currently a research assistant with the Highlands Group and a full-time graduate student at Georgetown University’s Security Studies Program. Prior to returning to school, Nick served five years as a combat engineer in the U.S. Army, stationed in Schweinfurt, Germany. A veteran of two tours in Iraq, he is focusing his studies on military analysis and operations.

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