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2013 Highlands Reading List

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On the 2013 Highlands Reading List we are featuring twenty-one books, six of them recommended by our distinguished guest reviewers.  Our panel of guest editors for 2013 includes Lawrence Wright, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author for his book, The Looming Tower; Peter Ho, the former Singaporean Secretary of Defence and Secretary of Foreign Affairs; Melanie Greenberg President and CEO of the global association, the Alliance for Peacebuilding; George Dyson, author and historian of technology; Richard Bookstaber, economist and author; and Ann Pendleton-Jullian, author, architect and designer.


Many of our book titles are current non-fiction addressing timely themes; some are timeless classics worth discovering for the first time; two are works of fiction to stretch the imagination. They have been selected for their themes and for their capacity to broaden our understanding of emerging issues and inform the way we think about things. We began compiling an annual list in 2000, and it is a continuing work— additional titles are added during the year and compiled at the end of each year in a larger list.  

Annual Reading List 2013



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