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The Highlands Group has engaged in a breadth of activities over the past decade, from supporting U.S. and global policy makers with ideas from the edge (The Highlands Forum, The Singaporean Island Forum, The St. Michaels Forum, The Information Engagement Forum), to creating rich contexts and scenarios for storytellers in the film industry. Along the way, many remarkable people have joined us in our pursuits and allowed us to join their networks, enriching us all. Here are some of the many people that form our networks.

Before there was Second Life... WIRED's most connected man in the infosphere What's said in Vegas, stays in Vegas Two for the future The latest in Highlands fashion, circa 2001 And the Oscar goes to... Natural capitalism meets the greening of industry Collaboration across the ocean Opening night at the Island Forum Ready for your close-up, Highlands Bullish on Highlands futures, 1996 Through an LCD, brightly How was the coffee at PARC, JSB? Can we try a lighter topic maybe? It's the economy... It's the life sciences... In the Groove in Singapore Listening to the enemy... Around the world with our Highlands journalists Civil Wars from Gettysburg to Fallujah The ideas just keep on coming... Can you read me now? The founder of GeekCorps recruiting a new member In Christmas attire by the tree Fixing the states... Ready when you are C.B. Risking it all on the roll of a dice... The wise man of Highlands... Smiling in Singapore
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