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How it all began ...

By Dick O'Neill

A core element of the Highlands Group activity has been the Highlands Forum.  Over the past 18 years almost fifty major meetings and twenty enrichment sessions have been held around the country.  

The power of a single question and the meaning of one word are at the core of the Highlands Forum's history.  In this video, Dick O'Neill recounts that question and the events that led to an unexpected outcome -- the beginning of a series of conversations over two decades that addressed the original question from the Secretary of Defense and many others that were stimulated by insights gained from each Forum session.  

Each succeeding session, small and cross-disciplinary in nature, brought remarkable people--from Nobel laureates and Pulitzer winners to young tech pioneers; from science fiction authors to corporate CEO's; from scientists to military leaders--to link innovators from the "core and the edge", without an outcome in mind, exploring a theme and a set of ideas, looking for novelty and emergence.

The in-depth proceedings of those events are posted to the Secretary of Defense Highlands Forum website, along with interviews, original papers, and book reviews. There is one missing piece, however, and it is the story of Highlands Forum I.  

Almost fifty meetings later, we take a look back at "how it all began".


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